Why Do Eddy Current Sorter Materials Need to Be Screened?

Why Do Eddy Current Sorter Materials Need to Be Screened?

Why does the material of the eddy current sorter need to be screened, and what are the benefits of entering the eddy current sorter after the material is screened? What are the disadvantages of the material only being exposed to the eddy current sorting machine? The following analysis is made on the reasons and advantages of eddy current sorter screening.

Ⅰ. The role of material screening in the eddy current sorter

The main function of material sieving is to classify the materials according to a certain diameter range, and sieve the materials with a large diameter range and divide them into materials with a small diameter range.

Ⅱ. The reason why the eddy current sorter requires the material to be screened

The sifting of materials is mainly determined by the structure principle of the eddy current sorter, because the eddy current sorter ejects the non-ferrous metals and separates them by the separating plate. Therefore, it is required that the waste materials must be able to fall from the back of the scraper without being stuck. And the non-ferrous metal that is required to play a role is ejected from the front of the distribution plate, so when the material range is large, it will cause the following two situations:

1. When the distance between the separation plates is increased, the garbage can fall, but the small materials will fall down together with the garbage because of the small bouncing force, and the separation effect cannot be achieved.

2. When the distance between the distributing plates is too small, the waste material will not fall down, and it will be mixed with the selected non-ferrous metal copper and aluminum, or it will be stuck at the location of the distributing plate and cannot fall down.

From the above two points, it can be concluded that when the diameter of the material is too large, it must be sieved.

Ⅲ. The benefits of sieving when the material enters the eddy current sorter

The sorting rate of materials after sieving can be greatly improved, especially when small materials are mixed with large materials, small aluminum scraps of the size of sesame grains can be sorted after screening, and the materials sorted after screening The impurities doped with non-ferrous metals are less and more pure.

Ⅳ. The material is not screened into the impact of the eddy current sorter

The material directly entering the eddy current sorting machine without screening will cause the following effects:

1. The material sorting rate is not high, only large and medium diameter materials can be sorted, and very small materials will not be ejected.

2. When the diameter of the material is too large (the small material jumps in the forward rotation, and the large material bounces in the reverse direction), the non-ferrous metal will jump randomly, and the garbage material will be entrained while jumping, causing the copper and aluminum after sorting to be unclean.

3. If the material part is screened directly into the equipment, it will also cause large materials to be easily stuck on the separating plate of the eddy current sorter, resulting in excessive wear of the separating plate and the belt, which will affect the service life.

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