Automatic EDM Notch

Automatic EDM Notch

Automatic EDM Notch is the ideal equipment for processing artificial defects of pipe rod standards in non-destructive testing work. The flaw detector has the characteristics of simple operation, safety and reliability, high production precision, fast processing speed, and convenient carrying by ultrasonic flaw detection. It can process artificial defects on non-ferrous metals and ferrous metal tubes and bar standards. Hardness sorting can process longitudinal, transverse, and oblique rectangular groove injuries on the inner and outer surfaces of the tube and rod. The core part of the equipment adopts advanced digital processing technology and system integration technology. With modern advanced digital control and servo technology, the injury process is fully automated, with high processing precision, fast speed, easy operation and performance at the international advanced level. The entire instrument is portable and easy to carry and has low requirements for the environment of steel pipe scratching.

How electronic fence works

After the pulse generator (main unit) is energized, the transmitting port sends a pulse voltage to the front fence. The time interval is about 1.5 seconds, and the pulse stays on the fence for about 0.1 second. After the loop is formed on the front fence, the pulse is returned to the host for reception. Port, this port receives the feedback pulse signal; the host also detects the resistance between the two transmitters. If the front fence is broken and the circuit is broken or shorted, the receiving port of the pulse host can not receive the pulse signal or the resistance between the two transmitters is too small, the host will issue an alarm.

Fence alarm

Through the working principle of the electronic fence, no matter what voltage working state the pulse host is in, when the fence is damaged, the receiving port can not receive the pulse signal, the pulse host will alarm; similarly, when the two electronic cables are short-circuited When the resistance is very small, the pulse master will also alarm.

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