BKNET-101 Automatic Eddy Current Testing

BKNET-101 Automatic Eddy Current Testing

The eddy current testing (BKNET-101) is a fully automated eddy current inspection system that uses large-scale imported integrated circuits combined with advanced eddy current technology, photoelectric technology and microcomputer control.

With a beautifully designed mechanical transmission, a complete mechatronic system is formed, and the software written by the WINDOWS operation platform makes the instrument easier and smarter to use. The instrument has stable and reliable performance, a high degree of automation and fast detection speed. It is designed for high-speed detection of eddy current testing equipment for off-line and on-line flaw detection of metal pipes, rods and wires.

BKNET-101 Automatic Eddy Current Testing Brief Introduction

BKNET-101 eddy current flaw detector can quickly detect surface cracks, dark cracks, air holes, inclusions and opening cracks of various metal pipes, rods and wires with high detection sensitivity.

BKNET-101 eddy current flaw detector has a testing frequency range of 100Hz-1MHz. It can meet the testing requirements of various metal pipe diameters, a variety of unique alarm modes, fast automatic electronic digital balance and full digital design.

Therefore, a standard testing procedure can be established in the eddy current tester, which is convenient for users to call when changing materials of different specifications. At the same time, the automated eddy current inspection system support 24 hours real-time storage of test data, real-time detection is based, to ensure that the review of 0 defects.

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