GZET-01 Roller Automatic Eddy Current Flaw Testing

GZET-01 Roller Automatic Eddy Current Flaw Testing

The rolling element has a large surface contact stress during operation, so the quality of the rolling element has an important influence on the life and performance of the bearing. Practical applications show that the rolling element is the weakest part of the bearing.

1) Roller classification and grade

Rollers can be divided into cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, spherical rollers and needle rollers according to their shapes. According to the current national standard GB/T4661-2002 "Rolling bearing cylindrical roller" and mechanical industry standard JB/T10235-2001 "Rolling bearing tapered roller technical conditions", cylindrical roller and tapered roller are divided into 0, I, II, There are four grades of III, and the precision of the products is from high to low. The bearing tolerances for each level of the roller are:

0-stage roller: A bearing with a 2-level tolerance for the finished bearing. Class I roller: A bearing with a 4-level tolerance for the finished bearing. Class II roller: A bearing with a tolerance of 6 and 5 grades for finished bearings. Class III roller: A bearing with a 0-level tolerance for the finished bearing.

0, I, II grade rollers are also used in low noise motor bearings with vibration values.

GB/T309--2000 "Rolling Bearing Needle Roller" divides the needle roller into three grades of 3, 3 and 5, and its product precision is high to low.

GZET-01 Roller Automatic Eddy Current Flaw Testing Introduction

GZET-01 roller automatic eddy current flaw detection machine is suitable for eddy current inspection of roller outer surface. The whole system consists of four parts: testing instrument, probe, machinery and electricity. Multi-frequency and multi-filter technology, impedance plane analysis and multi-amplitude phase-amplitude area alarm technology are used to realize automatic defect detection, automatic alarm and automatic sorting at the same time.

Applicable product specifications are range: diameter Φ3-Φ100mm,

Flaw detection standard: refer to GB/T 11260 "Circular steel eddy current testing method";

Part crack artificial injury standard

Depth of defect: 0.05 mm Defect length: 3mm Defect width: 0.05mm

Detection picture

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