BKNMAG+GLASS PLATE Automatic Magnetic Pole Detector

BKNMAG+GLASS PLATE Automatic Magnetic Pole Detector

This system is suitable for the detection of the magnetic pole of small magnetics and can realize the sorting of the wrong magnetic pole of the magnetics. The whole set of equipment is automatically detected, sorted, and counted automatically.

Detection principle:

The principle of BKN magnetic imaging detection technology is to distinguish the magnetic pole direction by testing the relationship between the magnetic field intensity H of the magnetics and the induced magnetic induction intensity B.

Working process: Using a magnet with the correct magnetic pole passes through the probe to obtain a complete signal. OK and NG is distinguished by comparing the similarity between defective and qualified products. Detect whether there is a difference in the magnetic pole of the magnetics, to ensure that the detection result is 100% accurate.

Technical Parameters:

1. Instrument detection speed: 1-8 pcs/sec;

2. Frequency range: 0.1KHz~500KHz;

3. Gain 23~69dB, adjustment amount 0.1dB/ file;

4.High pass: set to 0Hz;

5. Low pass: 20Hz~1000Hz;

6. Advanced filtering: Yes;

7. Computer all-digital parameter adjustment;

8. Real-time impedance plane display;

9. Chinese and English interface;

10. High-precision real-time, alarm output;

11. Multi-amplitude phase/amplitude alarm technology;

12. Windows operation interface, modular man-machine dialogue;

13. Power supply: 180V~240V50Hz;

14. Ambient temperature: -20℃~+40℃;

Schematic diagram of magnetic pole detector


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