Benchtop Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Equipment

Benchtop Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Equipment

MFI Magnetic flux leakage test refers to the formation of a leakage magnetic field on the surface of a test piece after it is magnetized due to defects on the surface or near-surface of the test piece. People can detect defects by detecting changes in the leakage magnetic field.

Briefly describe the limitations of the magnetic flux leakage detection method.

The limitations of the magnetic flux leakage detection method are as follows: 

1. It is only applicable to ferromagnetic materials.  

2. Detection sensitivity is low.

3. The quantification of defects is rough.  

4. Due to the shape of the workpiece to be inspected, the leakage magnetic field method is not suitable for detecting test pieces with complicated shapes because the sensor detects the leakage flux.  

5. Magnetic flux leakage is not suitable for cracking very narrow cracks, especially closed cracks. It was found in the experiment that cracks with very narrow cracks, magnetic particle flaw detection and magnetic flux leakage inspection failed to produce an indication of injury and injury.

Briefly describe the application range of magnetic flux leakage detection technology. 

1. The application of magnetic flux leakage detection in the steel industry: in steel mills, it is mainly used for inspection of steel structural parts, billets, round bars, bars, steel pipes, welds and steel cables.  Make sure the finished product is in good condition.  On many occasions, users will not receive steel products that have not been inspected by steel mills and third parties.  Users often use magnetic flux leakage testing before manufacturing, which ensures the manufacturer's technical requirements for the product. Such inspections are often carried out by an independent inspection company or the user's quality assurance department.  

2. The application of magnetic flux leakage detection in the petrochemical industry: the installation of oil and gas pipelines (including buried pipelines), storage tank floor or the recovery of oilfield steel pipes.  

3. Other applications: regular in-service inspection of used steel cables, wire ropes, and chains.

BKN's bench top magnetic flux leakage testing equipment are capable of detecting workpieces efficiently and accurately.

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