Steel Bar Ultrasonic Testing

Steel Bar Ultrasonic Testing

The steel bar is rolled by a rolling mill and produces both surface defects and internal defects during the rolling process. The internal defect is that the original defects of the steel chain or billet are extended during the rolling process. These defects are mainly concentrated in the central part of the steel rod. The forms mainly include slag inclusion, shrinkage, delamination, and looseness. The amount of rolling deformation increases and increases. In actual production, these internal defects of the steel rod have a serious impact on the performance of the steel. For example, in steel rods used for forging, these internal defects will continue to exist inside the steel rod during the forging process, and some will continue to extend. Some will form a mezzanine. Therefore, the non-destructive testing of the internal defects of steel bars has attracted more and more attention. As one of the professional

bar surface defect detection machine manufacturers, Nanjing BKN provides high-quality ultrasonic steel bar testing equipment for you to choose. Feel free to contact us.

Ultrasonic automatic detection system for steel bars

The ultrasonic automatic detection system for steel bars is a device that uses ultrasonic longitudinal wave detection to detect defects such as delamination and inclusions inside the steel bar. The steel rod enters a six-way ultrasonic probe that rotates at a high speed through a communication mechanism, and each channel is set to a different frequency. The steel rod advances at a low speed, so it can cover 100% of the surface of the steel rod.  After the steel rod enters the ultrasonic system, the system begins to detect.

When a defect is detected, the probe will feed back the defect signal. The defect signal is processed, amplified, converted to the oscilloscope, and the oscilloscope is transmitted to the computer. The program in the computer responds accordingly, that is, the defect location is identified. In the subsequent production, the marked steel bar will be cut off, thereby avoiding the quality problems caused by the internal defects of the steel bar.

As a non-destructive testing equipment manufacturer and supplier, we have been committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality and high-performance NDT equipment to provide customers with the best quality service.

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