Connecting rod hardness eddy current sorting machine LGYDFX-01

Connecting rod hardness eddy current sorting machine LGYDFX-01

The connecting rod hardness eddy current testing machine has a calibration device, input compensation parameters, automatic/manual temperature compensation and light intensity compensation, and automatic temperature measurement and temperature correction. The digital potentiometer is used to adjust the gain of the amplifier through program control. The gain parameters can be set for different battery chips, and the software working mode can be changed to adapt to various battery test applications without changing the hardware.

Features of the connecting rod hardness sorter:

1. The sorting instrument is divided into hardness test (can display Brinell, Rockwell hardness), flaw detection and so on. 

2. Hardness test: After starting the machine, use the hardness test probe to perform hardness test sorting on the workpiece. The Brinell or Rockwell value can be selected. The liquid crystal display will show the hardness value of the workpiece.

3. Detection of flaw detection: The workpiece to be tested shall be of the same specification. The instrument shall be calibrated with standard parts (work without damage), and the flaw detection curve on the display shall be adjusted to the upper limit and the intermediate standard point of the lower line. After calibration, Sort the workpiece for sorting.

Connecting rod hardness vortex sorting machine LGYDFX-01 Image Presentation

Connecting rod hardness vortex-sorting machine LGYDFX-01.jpg

Connecting rod hardness vortex sorting machine LGYDFX-01 Performance

Connecting rod condition

same size, same heat treatment process state, the same material

Sorting accuracy

Brinell 20HB

The form of probe

1HB Brinell, Rockwell 0.1HRC

Detection speed

1200 pieces per hour (specific speed depends on the size of

the workpiece under test)

Work power supply

AC 220V±10%, 50Hz


Compressed air pressure

5 — 8kgf/cm²

Use environment

temperature - 10 +40, relative humidity < 7.5%.

Automation of equipment

Manual charging, automatic detection, automatic

 sorting and automatic alarm

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