BKNET-999H Copper Tube Eddy Current Flaw Detector

BKNET-999H Copper Tube Eddy Current Flaw Detector

BKNET-999H Copper Tube Eddy Current Flaw Detector Brief introduction

Eddy current testing is a non-destructive testing technique in which an alternating current electromagnetic coil induces eddy currents on the surface of a metal member. This eddy current tube testing equipment is suitable for the detection of defects in conductive materials, including ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metal materials. 

Due to the eddy current flaw detection, the coil is not required to be in close contact with the member at the time of detection, and the chelating agent is not required to be filled between the coil and the member, and the inspection automation is easily realized. 

However, eddy current equipment is only applicable to conductive materials, and can only detect defects on the surface or near-surface layer, and is inconvenient for components with complicated shapes. In thermal power plants, it is mainly used to detect condenser tubes, steam turbine blades, turbine rotor intermediate holes and welds.

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BKNET-999H Copper Tube Eddy Current Flaw Detector performance 

Testing standard

Referring to GB/T 5248-2008 copper and copper alloy seamless tube eddy current testing method

Detection speed

1~500m/min(high speed 1~1200m/min)

Frequency range



0~99dB,step size 0.1dB

Advanced filtering


High pass


Low pass


Phase rotation

0-360 °step1 °

Sampling rate

1~200000SPS adjustable

Probe drive

1%~100% adjustable

Impedogram range

Five-range can be adjusted

Testing requirements

pores、spots、pits、inclusions(slag)、bumps ,etc

Features of BKNET-999H Copper Tube Eddy Current Flaw Detector

  • Synchronized alarm output controlled by an internal and external clock 

  • High-precision end and end-to-tail signal removal 

  • High-precision real-time、delayed alarm output

  • Fast digital/analog electronic balance

  • Memory track delay blanking function

  • Real-time impedance plane display

  • This eddy current tester for sale can match any probe

  • Remote automatic help system

  • Chinese and English man-machine interface

  • Non-equal amplitude phase/amplitude alarm domain

  • Computer full digital parameter adjustment 

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