Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

1. The warranty period is one year from the date of acceptance of the equipment. During the warranty period, due to the quality problems of the equipment itself, resulting in damage to the accessories. Our company shall provide relevant accessories free of charge and timely repair services. Due to improper operation and use, if the accident causes damage to the machine parts, the cost of the parts and travel expenses of personnel will be charged, and our company will provide repair service for users free of charge.

2. During the warranty period, if the equipment has quality problems. The telephone communication can solve the problem, use telephone communication; if the telephone communication cannot be resolved, our company should arrive at the scene of the user to solve the problem within the shortest time allowed by the conditions after receiving the user's notice. And during the warranty period, the application operating system can be upgraded for free and unlimited, and one-to-one technical support service is provided.

3. The probe is a consumable item and its normal wear and periodic replacement should be borne by the user.

4. If the product is returned for repair, please use the qualified packing box or the original packing box and liner packaging. The company is not responsible for the quality of the instrument caused by the use of unqualified packaging.

5. When the instrument is returned for repair, please specify the name of the receiving and dispatching unit, the department, the communication office (postal code), the telephone number and the name of the dispatching station outside the packing box.

6. After one year, our company is still responsible for repairs, and only the cost of repairs is charged.

7. Our company shall provide the user with equipment-related technical consultation free of charge and provide equipment-related accessories at a preferential price for lifelong.

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