Quality control

Quality control

Quality Assurance System and Measures 

Our company is based on ISO 9001:2008 "Quality Management System - Requirements and combined with the quality requirements of the bidding documents and the actual preparation of the "Quality Manual" and non-destructive testing program, the operating instructions as to its supporting documents. 

Under the leadership of the company's executive leadership, the quality system is effectively operated.  All departments and units in accordance with the company's quality system, establish a full working standard and various rules and regulations. Strengthen professional management to ensure that the company's quality system can operate effectively.  

In the operation of the quality system, the quality system is continually revised and improved. The representative of the company's quality system manager is responsible for organizing the audit and revamping the project department to identify the processes required by the quality management system. These processes can be from identifying customer needs to customers. The big process of evaluation can also be a sub-process of specific quality activities. Identify the sequence, interface and interrelationship between process methods and processes. The non-destructive testing of this project is confirmed by the management process, the resource process, the detection realization process, and the measurement analysis improvement process. The measurement, monitoring, and analysis processes ensure that adequate and necessary information is obtained and the information is analyzed to achieve the monitoring of these processes.  

For the measurement of these processes, analyze the results and implement the necessary measures to achieve the planned results and achieve continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

Based on the principle, based on laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation of the project department, the following quality policy is formulated: scientific management, continuous improvement; objective and fair, accurate and timely.

Quality Process Control

In order to fully perform non-destructive testing, we will increase the control of the inspection process, from construction documents, construction management, on-site inspection to completion, from technical quality to HSE management. All-round control, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 standard system, the quality reflects the various processes.

quality control

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