Eddy Current Testing for Auto Parts

Eddy Current Testing for Auto Parts

NDT equipment Application in Automotive Industry:

Eddy current testing technology has been widely used in the detection of metal components in the automotive  The eddy current technology is usually used to detect engine blade cracks, bolts, cracks in the screw holes, multi-layer structure of the aircraft, landing gear, wheels and aluminum skin as the main NDT non destructive testing methods. And subsurface defects, and used to detect defects in the wing joint weld. In the detection, it can effectively suppress the shaking of the probe, and the material is uneven and cause interference signals. Metal magnetic memory testing technology can be used to diagnose the stress concentration of the above components or early damage.

Due to the complex geometry of the auto parts, the equipment is required to have a high level of materials and complicated materials, requiring diverse equipment and high precision. In addition, the production of auto parts is a large industrial production, with certain beat monitoring requirements, and only by reducing the testing costs, can we reduce the automobile production and improve the competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets. With the development of the national economy, the automobile industry has become a pillar industry in China. Therefore, non-destructive testing technology for eddy current flaw detectors for automotive parts is also receiving increasing attention from manufacturers and researchers. At present, the most widely used non-destructive testing method in the detection of automotive parts is the eddy current flaw detector ultrasonic testing method. In the ultrasonic flaw detection of eddy current flaw detectors at home and abroad, the most used type A ultrasonic flaw detector. It adopts A-type ultrasonic display, which has the advantages of simple and cheap equipment, can locate and quantify defects, and is widely used in production inspection.

However, its flaw detection results are not intuitive, no record, difficult to detect, and many human factors. Seriously affect the reliability of detection. Due to the continuous development of computer technology and electronic devices, the digital acquisition and analysis of the ultrasonic signal of the eddy current flaw detector become possible, the waveform can be recorded and preserved, and the ultrasonic detection of the eddy current testing instrument is positive digital signal processing and imaging direction development. Super-generation image technology is a remarkable new technology. The ultrasonic image of the object can provide intuitively and a large amount of information, directly reflecting the acoustic and mechanical properties of the object, and can also evaluate the mechanical properties of the microstructure of the solid material. Suddenly macroscopic discontinuities.

In short, the NDT non-destructive testing method for automotive parts eddy current flaw detector will develop with the advancement of modern high-tech, to the direction of intelligence, automation and imaging, in order to adapt to the rapid development of modern automobile manufacturing industrial parts quality inspection, testing requirements.

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