After-sale Service

After-sale Service

1. During the warranty period, in the normal use state, due to the quality problems caused by the instrument, please contact our company directly, we will conduct the investigation in the shortest time.

2. Due to improper use, self-assembly and disassembly damage, fire, earthquake, abnormal electric power and other human damage and external causes are not covered by the warranty, repair costs and parts costs are borne by the customer, we will charge the cost.

3. When the warranty period is exceeded and maintenance is required, our company only charges the cost. Our company should provide users with equipment-related technical consultation free of charge and provide life-long equipment-related accessories at preferential prices.

4. The storage conditions of the company's products are: ambient temperature -20 ° C ~ + 55 ° C, relative humidity does not exceed 85%, and there should be no harmful substances in the air enough to cause corrosion.

5. The installation environment of the instrument should try to avoid strong electromagnetic interference around. Good grounding and shielding can effectively prevent the intrusion of interfering signals.

6. The company's products need to be handled gently to avoid vibration. During use, keep the environment clean and dry to avoid dust and moisture entering the instrument to prevent the performance of the instrument.

7. If you find that the instrument is not working properly, you can not disassemble the host for repair. You should read the instruction manual carefully, check whether the operation method is correct, or ask the company directly for the exclusion method. Unpacking and repairing at will often cause the fault to expand.

8. When the instrument is turned on, it is forbidden to open the main unit casing and put the hand or tool into the main unit to avoid damage to the human body or the instrument.

9. If the instrument is not used for a long time, it should be covered with a dust cover.

10. Our company will provide one-to-one after-sales technical support.

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