BKNMAG+PLUS Magnetics Magnetic Pole Detector

BKNMAG+PLUS Magnetics Magnetic Pole Detector

This system is suitable to be installed on the AOI visual inspection machine to cooperate with the vision sorting machine; to realize the sorting of the wrong magnetics magnetic pole. The system can automatically detect, automatically sorts, and automatically alarm.

Detection principle:

The principle of BKN magnetic imaging detection technology is to distinguish the magnetic pole direction by testing the relationship between the magnetic field intensity H of the magnetics and the induced magnetic induction intensity B.

Working process: Using a magnet with the correct magnetic pole passes through the probe to obtain a complete signal. OK and NG is distinguished by comparing the similarity between defective and qualified products. Detect whether there is a difference in the magnetic pole of the magnetics, to ensure that the detection result is 100% accurate.

System Characteristics:

1. It can distinguish any magnetics with the wrong magnetic pole;

2. No magnetization will be generated after testing;

3. The setting is fast, accurate and convenient, can be completed in 3 minutes;

4. Good test repeatability;

5. Simple operation, touch screen operation mode, adopts man-machine dialogue interface;

6. The display is clearly, and the test results NG and OK are displayed in real-time;

7. It is suitable for the needs of large-scale testing and guarantees qualified product quality;

8. Non-destructive testing, no special requirements on the surface of the workpiece;

9. The detection speed is 60~480 pieces/minute (the posture of the magnetic material on the glass plate must be consistent, and the two materials must be separated);

Schematic diagram of magnetic pole detector


Diagram of the correct pole magnetics


Diagram of the wrong pole magnetics


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