QTXFX-01 Ball Studs Eddy Current Hardness Separator

QTXFX-01 Ball Studs Eddy Current Hardness Separator

Ball Pin Performance Requirements

  • Should have sufficient swing angle to meet the requirements of the wheel up and down;

  • Smaller frictional moments are important factors in ensuring steering flexibility and ease of handling;

  • There should be no gaps that cause wheel wobble and abnormal noise;

  • Good sealing performance to ensure the ball pin can be used normally in muddy water and high-temperature environment;

  • It should have sufficient strength and durability to withstand the forces and vibrations from the wheels.

The eddy current hardness sorter can detect the hardness of auto parts and solve the problem of large-scale sorting, and the efficiency is still relatively high. However, such an instrument does not guarantee complete accuracy. In the actual application process, there are inevitably some errors. Let us analyze the causes of the errors and related remedial measures.

There are two kinds of misjudgment conditions for eddy current hardness sorting. One is the misjudgment caused by the material mixture of the tested materials (the same grade is different). This false-positive rate is very high, about 10%. The other is a misjudgment of the workpiece with the same number. The false-positive rate is generally less than 5%, and the basic condition is that the qualified part is judged as unqualified.

QTXFX-01 Ball Studs Eddy Current Hardness Separator Performance

Computer full digital parameter adjustment

Synchronized alarm output for internal and external clock control

High precision end and an end to tail signal removal

High precision real-time and delayed alarm output

Fast digital/analog electronic balance

Memory track delay blanking function

Real-time impedance plane display

The instrument can match any probe

Remote automatic help system

Chinese and English man-machine interface

Non-equal amplitude phase/amplitude alarm domain

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