Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

What is Ultrasonic?

The process of mechanical vibration propagation in the medium is called a wave. The human ear can feel the elastic wave with a frequency higher than 20 Hz and lower than 20,000 Hz, so the elastic wave in this frequency range is also called a sound wave. Elastic waves with a frequency of fewer than 20 Hz are also called infrasound waves, and elastic waves with a frequency higher than 20,000 Hz are called ultrasonic waves. Infrasound waves and the ultrasonic human ear can not feel. Ultrasonic Testing, abbreviated as UT, is an ultrasonic scanning technique and is one of five conventional NDT non-destructive testing methods.

  • Steel Bar Ultrasonic Testing

    Steel bar are rolled by a rolling mill and produce both surface defects and internal defects during the rolling process. The internal defect is that the original defects of the steel chain or

  • Steel Pipe Testing Equipment

    A steel having a hollow section that is much longer than the diameter or circumference. According to the cross-sectional shape, it is divided into round, square, rectangular and special-shaped steel


Inspection introduction

NDT Non-destructive testing is a means of inspecting the surface and internal quality of the part being inspected without damaging the working condition of the workpiece or raw material.

The relevant ultrasonic inspection standards in China today are JB/T4730.3, GB/T11345-1989, CB/T3559-2011, etc., JB/T4730.3 is a relatively comprehensive standard, and the latter two standards are weld inspection standards. There are other inspection standards for steel plates, castings and forgings, and users can make corresponding inquiries as needed.

Ultrasonic detector

An ultrasonic testing leak detection system differs from a specific gas sensor in that it is limited to the specific gas it is designed to sense, but is detected by sound. Any gas that traverses through the leak hole will have a portion of the ultrasonic band that allows the ultrasonic testing leak detection system to sense any type of gas leak.

Scan with the ultrasonic detector leak detection system to hear leaks from the headphones or to see changes in the digital signal. The closer to the leak, the more obvious. If the scene environment is noisy, use a rubber tube to narrow the receiving area and shield against the ultrasonic waves.

In addition, the frequency adjustment capability of the ultrasonic testing leak detection system also reduces background noise interference. Check the air pressure system and test the pressure cables used by the telecommunications company. Tanks, lines, and hoses can be tested by pressurization, as well as vacuum systems, vortex exhaust, diesel engine fuel intake systems, vacuum chambers, ship cabins, watertight doors, material handling systems, pressure vessels and piping. Internal and external gas and liquid leakage, etc.

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