Portable Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Equipment

Portable Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Equipment

Magnetic flux leakage test refers to the formation of a leakage magnetic field on the surface of a test piece after it is magnetized due to defects on the surface or near-surface of the test piece. People can detect defects by detecting the change of leakage magnetic field with Magnetic flux leakage equipment  (MFL testing equipment).

Briefly describe the magnetization of ferromagnetic components. In the magnetic non-destructive testing, magnetization is the first step to realize the detection, which determines whether the leakage magnetic field signal can be generated, and also affects the performance characteristics of the detection signal and the structural characteristics of the detection device.  Like magnetic particle inspection, magnetization is achieved by a magnetizer, including both a magnetic source and a magnetic circuit. 

The magnetic source and the magnetic circuit change depending on the structure of the member to be tested.

What kind of magnetization can be divided into several categories? The magnetization methods can be generally divided into five categories, namely, alternating current magnetization mode, direct current magnetization mode, permanent magnet magnetization mode, composite magnetization mode, and integrated magnetization method.

What are the characteristics of magnetic flux leakage detection technology?

Because leakage magnetic field detection uses magnetic sensors to detect defects, compared with magnetic powder, penetration and other methods, it has the following advantages:

1. It is easy to realize automation. The computer judges the presence or absence of defects based on the detected signals. 

2. The fundamentally high detection reliability can solve the influence of human factors in the magnetic powder and osmosis method, and has high detection reliability.  

3. can achieve preliminary quantification of defects.  In the range of wall thicknesses up to 30 mm, the inner and outer wall defects can be detected simultaneously.  In the detection of the pipeline, 5 high-efficiency, pollution-free automated inspection can achieve high detection efficiency.

BKN's portable magnetic flux leakage testing equipment are capable of detecting workpieces efficiently and accurately. 

As an mfl testing equipment manufacturer and supplier, we have been committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality and high-performance NDT equipment to provide customers with the best quality service.

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