Drill Pipe Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector MFL-308

Drill Pipe Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector MFL-308

Specifications: diameter Φ73 / Φ89 mm, length 9.6m or so

Detection speed: 6-20 m / min

Acceptance criteria: American Petroleum Institute API testing standards

The main MFI magnetic flux leakage pipeline inspection method principle is that the workpiece is magnetized (close to saturation) to have a certain magnetic flux density to generate a leakage magnetic field at the discontinuity, and the magnetic field sensor sends the output signal to the operational amplifier. 

Due to the magnetic saturation state, the workpiece has a relatively high magnetic field strength and magnetic field density, and the magnetic lines of force are not limited so that the surface of the workpiece has a large magnetic leakage, which is favorable for on-site detection.

The magnetic sensitive sensor scans along the surface of the magnetized ferromagnetic material, pick up the defect leakage magnetic field and forms a defect electrical signal to achieve the purpose of finding the defect position and parameters.

Magnetic flux leakage non-destructive inspection technology is widely used in the detection of metal materials and the evaluation of related products due to its fast detection speed, high reliability and low surface cleanliness. Different from magnetic particle detection and detection, the signal in magnetic flux leakage detection is not displayed by magnetic powder, and it has no pollution to the environment: due to various sensitive components (such as Hall element and coil method), the detection result is directly output by electric signal, which is easy to connect with computer to realize digital Processing, so the detection results can be stored and reproduced, facilitating the analysis of the detection signal and the trend analysis of the detection results.

Drill Pipe Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector MFL-308 Performance

Drill pipe inspection method

Drill pipe straight ahead, test assembly


Detection range

F60-F168drill pipe

transport system speed

6-20m/min;variable frequency range

Testing methods

Automatic charging, Automatic testing,

Automatic sorting

The sensitivity of hole detection

F1.6mmthrough hole(calibrated by 8 holes)

 Accuracy of section area



Position resolution accuracy


Non-detection zone

£100mm(drill pipe body)

False alarm rate


Remaining magnetism after



The internal and external surface



Equipment usage environment

Working temperature:40°-minus50 °;

Working humidity:0-95%;

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