Use Eddy Current Technology for Weld Inspection

Use Eddy Current Technology for Weld Inspection

Ⅰ. The importance of eddy current weld inspection equipment

With the improvement of users' expectations of welding products, eddy current welding tests are also continuously carried out, and the welding quality of products has become more and more important. Users expect the quality of manufactured products and their components to reach a high level, and there will be no accidental failures.

Unexpected failures will cause huge economic losses and serious social impacts on users. However, with proper detection technology, accidents can usually be avoided.

By detecting and remedying weld defects in the early stage of product manufacturing, production costs can be reduced, the cost of investment required for customers to obtain returns can also be reduced, and the service life of the product can be prolonged.

Eddy current testing NDT is a reliable, rapid and economical way to complete preventive maintenance of products and ensure product safety performance. As a professional eddy current equipment manufacturer, our eddy current equipment enjoys a worldwide reputation for its reliability and accuracy of detection, and our customer service and technical support can ensure that your equipment exerts its best performance.

Ⅱ. Using eddy current weld inspection equipment

In the process of using eddy current weld inspection equipment for inspection, it is necessary to detect fracture defects on the weld surface. When detecting magnetic materials, such as carbon steel materials, magnetic particle detection methods are generally used. However, eddy current testing has several advantages:

1. No need to use consumables, such as ink and contrast paint.

2. It can detect hard-to-reach areas.

3. There is no need to process the surface, such as: no need to remove the paint layer, which saves the time of preparing for the test and the time of repainting the surface after the test.

4. Improve sensitivity: Use specially developed weld probe to detect smaller defects.

Ⅲ. Welding seam probe

The specially developed weld probe can check the cracks and corrosion in the weld. The following examples are the areas that this probe can currently detect: offshore platforms; buildings; bridges; rides in amusement parks; ships, boats, submarines, etc.; cranes; telephone poles; airplanes.

The purpose of designing the welding seam probe is to make the probe super anti-wear performance: this kind of probe can not only detect the rough welding seam surface, but also find any defects in the welding seam.

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