Introduction to Eddy Current Tube Testing Equipment

Introduction to Eddy Current Tube Testing Equipment

Eddy current tube testing equipment is a kind of non destructive testing equipment with high detection sensitivity which is used to detect the defects of metal pipes, rods, thread, silk, profiles and gas cylinders, such as surface cracks, hidden seams, slag inclusion and opening cracks.

The working principle of eddy current tube testing equipment is the impedance change caused by the geometric dimension, conductivity and permeability of the specimen, as well as the metallurgical and mechanical defects of the specimen when the test specimen is close to the detection coil through which an alternating current of a certain frequency passes. After amplification and conversion, the electrical signal generated by the change of coil impedance will drive the alarm or display device, and finally detect the defective sample.

Nanjing BKN Automation System Co.,LTD sells eddy current equipment for sale, which is of high detection sensitivity and can be widely used in various applications, including copper tube eddy current flaw detector ET-999 / H, steel wire eddy current testing GSETt-551, automatic eddy current flaw detector BKNET-101, rotating eddy current flaw detector ET-R- 15/40/65/90, eddy current flaw detector for welded pipe BKNET-01 \ 02, and eddy current flaw detector for aluminum tube LGET-553.

These devices have the functions of defect alarm, automatic feeding and unloading, automatic classification, etc., which realize the automation of detection, and provide effective detection means for factories and enterprises to mass produce pipes, bars and threads.

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