The Introduction of Mfl Sensor

The Introduction of Mfl Sensor

Magnetic flux leakage testing is an important non-destructive testing method. Mfl sensor products have been widely used in the detection of metal products. As one of the professional manufacturers of mfl sensor, Nanjing BKN Automation System Co.,LTD will introduce the working principle and practical application of mfl sensor to customers.


Working principles:

The main testing principles of mfl are as follows: the workpiece will be magnetized (nearly saturated) so that it will have a certain flux density to produce magnetic leakage at the discontinuity. The magnetic field sensor sends the output signal to the operational amplifier. Due to the magnetic saturation state, the workpiece has high magnetic field intensity and magnetic field density, and magnetic lines of flux is not limited. Therefore, there is a large magnetic leakage on the surface of the workpiece, which is conducive to the on-site detection.


Performance advantages:

The Mfl testing technology is widely used in the metal material testing and the related product evaluation due to its high detection speed, high reliability and low surface cleanliness. Different from the magnetic particle testing, the signal in mfl testing is not displayed by the magnetic powder, which means it has no pollution to the environment. Due to the use of various sensitive elements (such as the hall element and coil mode), the detection results are directly output by the electrical signal, which is easy to connect with the computer to realize digital processing. Therefore, the detection results can be stored and reproduced, which is convenient for the analysis of detection signals and the trend analysis of detection results.


If you want to purchase the mfl sensor, please contact Nanjing BKN Automation System Co.,LTD. We will heartily provide you with professional consulting services and detector products with good performance.

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