Eddy Current Flaw Detector Can Adapt to Various Testing Requirements

Eddy Current Flaw Detector Can Adapt to Various Testing Requirements

Eddy current flaw detector is a new generation eddy current device designed using advanced eddy current technology, digital electronic technology, and microcomputer technology. The eddy current flaw detector is suitable for online detection, thickness measurement, and sorting of various metal pipes, rods, wires, and other components.

1. Features of eddy current flaw detector:

The signals obtained from the detection channel can be displayed in real-time on the impedance plane map and time-base scan map. The equipment can meet the inspection requirements of various metal pipes, wires, and more. Due to its fully digital design, multiple standard inspection procedures or expert systems can be established within the eddy current flaw detector, making it easy for users to call up these procedures when changing product specifications. It also includes input and output control interfaces for easy connection to the inspection site and other equipment, forming a highly automated whole.

2. Technical features of eddy current flaw detector:

The equipment can detect materials in various forms like threads, rods, pipes, plates, etc. It can also detect specific mechanical parts such as pins, flanges, bearing parts, etc., and tailor inspection schemes for customers.

It comes in various structural forms such as desktop, portable, floor-standing, cabinet, and touch screen.

The eddy current flaw detector can detect defects such as delamination, cracking, blistering, inclusions, metal fatigue, etc., and is insensitive to slight bending and other acceptable conditions.

The maximum detection speed is up to 600 meters/minute (multi-channel instruments are proportionally reduced in speed).

Each eddy current flaw detector can have up to eight channels (eight detection lines working simultaneously).

The unique ellipse alarm technology combined with dual ignoring zone technology can easily avoid any receivable signal.

High-precision numerical control filtering and high-stability filtering elements are used in the equipment.

The eddy current flaw detector is used for online automatic testing of high-frequency welded steel pipes, sub-arc welded stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other pipes, raw material inspection before mechanical manufacturing, power and petrochemical equipment manufacturing, and pre-installation material testing. It is also used for crack detection in the automobile and locomotive manufacturing industry, defect inspection of wire and cable production such as copper-coated aluminum, copper-coated steel cores, quality control during the processing of tungsten and molybdenum wire, spring steel wire, Bundy tube, and more.

BKN has formed a social research and cooperation network with well-known domestic universities and research institutes, providing strong research and production capabilities. This ensures that BKN's industrial non-destructive testing technology maintains a leading and world-class technological position.

Adhering to the concept of specialization, refinement, and strength, BKN focuses on online and offline automatic detection of stainless steel pipes and has achieved remarkable results, becoming a leader in the industry.

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