BKN Tank Floor Magnetic Leakage Scanner

BKN Tank Floor Magnetic Leakage Scanner

Tank floor magnetic leakage scanner is widely praised by customers in bockner automation products, with high cost performance and reliable product performance. Therefore, in order to facilitate more customers to recognize and understand the product, we will make a specific introduction in this article.

Man friendly design:

Optional dual battery power supply, instrument core circuit and computer use a group of high-performance lithium-ion light power supply, while the driving part use a group of lead-acid batteries. The weight of the whole equipment is greatly reduced in the non electric mode, and there is sufficient power supply in the electric mode. It can also be configured as a single large capacity lithium battery.

Technical features of Tank Floor Magnetic Leakage Scanner:

It has unique full modular structure, and can be quickly folded and disassemblyed for transportation from computer, driving mechanism, main mechanism to handle.

◆ It has humanized operation design, adjustable armrest height and angle, which is suitable for precise signal conditioning circuit of different operators. It has hybrid four layer PCB with excellent performance.

◆ DSP data word signal processing system, super computing power, advanced evaluation algorithm.

◆ high performance touch industrial tablet. It is very convenient to operate without keyboard and mouse.

◆Unique probe design. It can pick up the magnetic flux leakage signal as much as possible and overcome the useless signal brought by eddy current effect. The physical channels is up to 3 layers.

◆ high performance lithium battery pack with a weight reduction of at least 50% compared with lead-acid batteries of the same capacity.

◆ highly efficient software design. All scanning parameter settings are graphic, intuitive, easy to use, and has large scale, increase operation speed and avoid errors. The magnetization can be adjusted quickly. By adjusting the gap between the magnetic pole and the ground, the magnetization of the target plate can be changed rapidly, which can not only meet the requirements of the detection thickness, but also weaken the gravitation between the instrument and the bottom plate to the maximum extent. This design can make the instrument adapt to a wide range of base plate thickness, reduce the work intensity of the operator, and increase the use time of the battery.

◆ different degrees of corrosion are represented by achromatic blocks. The corrosion degree and position can be analyzed online, and the position coordinates can be displayed on the table or on the scanning chart.

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