The 14th China (Shanghai) International Nondestructive Testing

The 14th China (Shanghai) International Nondestructive Testing

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China (Shanghai) International Nondestructive Testing Application Equipment Exhibition is a well-known professional exhibition in China. The theme of this exhibition is "Technology Innovation, Brand Reshaping, Value-added Optimization Solution" to promote the industry's upstream and downstream service innovation;  Accurately change the actual needs and trends of the pulse fluid machinery and upstream and downstream industries, realize the integration of industry and information, build a platform for upstream and downstream exchanges, and create a brand and image. With the rapid development of China's national economy, the testing industry has maintained a high speed for many years.  Growth, with the extensive application of non-destructive testing technology in various fields, the transfer of the World Procurement Center to China has undoubtedly brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of China's non-destructive testing industry.  As a financial center of China, Shanghai itself has great market potential. It is one of the most radiant markets in China. It is an important window for commercial exchanges between non-destructive testing industries at home and abroad. It is a domestic and international material procurement center and is related to many.  For the purpose of promoting the products, the company will hold China (Shanghai) International Nondestructive Testing Application Equipment Exhibition at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center on April 22-24, 2019, aiming to expand the Chinese testing equipment enterprises in the industry.  Influential, show and introduce new products, new technologies, and excellent Chinese famous brands in the testing equipment industry to the households and relevant departments. Provide mutually beneficial and win-win business opportunities for exhibitors and users, build cooperative development, market development and technology exchange.  The platform promotes market prosperity and promotes the development of the industry! The exhibition has the largest scale, new salary, brand new packaging image, positioning high starting point, deep service, gathering quality, highlighting the taste. High holding the brand banner, the most professional  The image of the non-destructive testing industry-wide chain is presented to the participants. Efforts for exhibitors and professional visitors  Dedicated to professional exhibitions with excellent quality and satisfactory results. Providing a trading platform and image display for non-destructive testing manufacturers, a powerful platform for brand promotion, marketing and communication is an industry event that suppliers and buyers can't miss. We look forward to your participation!

Scope of Exhibition

Ultrasonic testing:general ultrasonic testing equipment, special ultrasonic testing equipment, non-metal ultrasonic testing equipment, ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic flaw detection standard test block, other ultrasonic testing auxiliary equipment: radiation detection: x  Radiographic inspection, y-ray inspection industrial television, industrial CT, accelerator and high-energy ray, neutron ray detection equipment, radiation protection equipment, pipeline crawler for radiographic inspection, film products for radiographic inspection, radiographic film processing equipment, other radiographic inspection aids  Magnetic particle testing: general yoke magnetic particle testing equipment, universal mobile magnetic particle testing equipment, universal bed magnetic particle testing equipment, special magnetic powder testing equipment, other magnetic powder testing auxiliary 

equipment materials; * eddy current testing: general eddy current testing equipment, special eddy current testing  equipment, eddy current thickness gauge, other eddy current coloring penetration detection,fluorescence penetration detection, other penetration testing aids; leak detection: testing aids;penetration testing: leak detection equipment, composite flaw detection equipment: electromagnetic ultrasonic (eddy current ultrasound);  Other tests: inspection of concrete structures equipment, crack depth sounder, endoscope, infrared detector, laser detection, EMC test equipment, metallographic equipment, metallographic image analyzer, experimental analysis equipment; industrial machine vision inspection: video inspection system, optical inspection system, 

visual inspection  Image detection system, industrial infrared camera, image processing system, other testing equipment: UV lamp, non-destructive testing professional software, physical and chemical analysis instrument, test block, test piece, grinder, probe, coupling agent, magnetic powder X-ray film  , X-ray film-film drying oven, washing medicine viewing lamp, radiation room, filter ray alarm, density agent thickness gauge, leak detector endoscope, magnetizer, magnetic suspension, contrast enhancer.