What You Don't Know About Eddy Current Ndt Equipment

What You Don't Know About Eddy Current Ndt Equipment

Social construction is inseparable from the equipment support, and the improvement of the equipment is essential, so the eddy current ndt equipment emerges as the times require.


As the name implies, NDT is to test the surface and internal quality of the workpiece without damaging the material or structure of it. By making use of the acoustic, optical, magnetic and electrical properties of the material, NDT detects whether there are defects or non-uniformity in the tested object without damaging or affecting the performance of it, and gives the information such as the size, location, nature and quantity of defects.


How to choose the eddy current ndt equipment:

There are several ways to choose the right eddy current ndt equipment. All kinds of testing methods are of certain characteristics. Therefore, in order to improve the reliability of the test results, the type, shape, position and orientation of possible defects shall be predicted according to the equipment material, manufacturing method, working medium, service condition and failure mode to choose the appropriate NDT method.


Each eddy current equipment for sale has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, we should use as many testing methods as possible, and learn from each other to ensure the normal detection of the workpiece. In addition, in the application of nondestructive testing (NDT), it should be fully realized that the purpose of testing is not to pursue "high quality" excessively. The economy should be considered under the premise of fully ensuring safety and appropriate risk rate. Only in this way, the expected purpose of the application of NDT in pressure equipment can be achieved.