What Are the Adjustment Methods of the Eddy Current Sorter?

What Are the Adjustment Methods of the Eddy Current Sorter?

The adjustment method of the eddy current sorter is mainly divided into several parts, such as the adjustment of the material distribution plate, the adjustment of the belt speed, the adjustment of the speed of the magnetic roller, and the adjustment of the vibration feeding frequency. After the above components, the highest sorting effect can be achieved, and the other can greatly extend the service life of the eddy current sorter and the processing capacity of materials.

1. Adjustment of the dividing plate of the eddy current sorter

The material dividing plate of the eddy current sorter mainly plays the role of material separation. When the material passes through the magnetic field induction area at a certain speed, non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, magnesium and zinc will be ejected from the material under the action of magnetic field cutting, while non-metallic materials will fall in a parabolic trajectory, and the position of the distribution plate is adjusted to the dividing point between non-metal and metal landing, the sorting effect of the non-ferrous metal sorting machine is the best.

2. Adjustment of belt speed of eddy current sorter

Different types of materials have different speeds at the same speed, and the same type of materials are different at different speeds. Therefore, materials of different diameters require the speed of the sorting belt. Usually, most materials are suitable for eddy current separation. The belt speed of the machine is 30HZ, and the corresponding belt speed of 2-5mm diameter material is 20HZ.

3. The rotation speed adjustment of the magnetic roller of the eddy current sorter

When the rotating speed of the belt is constant, it is not that the higher the rotating speed of the magnetic roller of the eddy current sorting equipment, the better the effect. Generally, the rotating speed of the magnetic roller is about 30HZ for large materials, about 36HZ for medium materials, and about 40HZ for small materials. In this case, the effect of material sorting is the best.

4. Adjustment of vibration feeding frequency of eddy current sorter

The vibration feeding frequency determines the feeding speed and uniformity of the material. In general, the feeding speed is required to be the same as the material on the conveyor belt, and the best condition is uniform. The adjustment of the vibration frequency is through the counterweight. The direction pole amplitude is adjusted.

Because the eddy current sorting machine produced by different eddy current sorter manufacturers is different, the customer should contact the manufacturer to provide detailed adjustment skills after purchasing the separator.

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