What Are the Accessories of the Eddy Current Sorter?

What Are the Accessories of the Eddy Current Sorter?

Generally, the accessories of eddy current sorter refer to the consumable part, which also means parts that may need to be replaced in the future use. It usually includes  bearings, cylinder peel, belts and other consumable parts.

1. The bearing system of the eddy current sorter

The bearing system is the most consumable component in the eddy current sorter, and its performance directly determines the overall stability and lifetime of the equipment. Because the bearings at both ends of the magnetic roller of the eddy current sorter are high-speed bearings, which makes them the most consumable components of the equipment.

2. The conveyor belt of the eddy current sorter

The conveyor belt outside the sorting magnetic roller is used to convey materials. The degree of belt damage has a great relationship with materials and the frequency of use. The belt can be used for 2-3 years without sharp iron and with proper maintenance.

3. The sorting outer cylinder of the eddy current sorter

Also called sorting magnetic roller, the cylinder peel is installed outside the magnetic roller of eddy current sorter, and driven to rotate by conveyor belt. The cylinder magnetic roller is two-body rotating, which is not integrated. The service life of the sorting outer cylinder can generally be more than 3 years. The cylinder peel is made of epoxy laminated glass, and the pipe is not fiberous glass reinforced plastic.

4. The distributor plate of the eddy current sorter

Its main function is to separate the ejected copper and aluminum from the fallen garbage according to the distance and angle from the magnetic sorting roller, so as to adjust the sorting accuracy. The material of the distributor plate is insulation, which is severely worn when it is used frequently. Generally, the distributor plate will be replaced with a new one in time when the wear seriously affects the use.

The necessary accessories of eddy current sorter for customers are distributor plate, cylinder peel and belt, which can be used for more than 3 years without replacement under the condition of proper maintenance of normal bearings.

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