Applications of Eddy Current Inspection Technology in Various Fields

Applications of Eddy Current Inspection Technology in Various Fields

With the improvement of technology, eddy current inspection has been widely valued in various industries.

1. Eddy current inspection technology is widely used in metallurgy and machinery to perform online and offline flaw detection of various metal pipes, rods, and wires.

During eddy current inspection, both short and long defects of long transverse and slow-varying damage can be detected simultaneously. It can also effectively suppress certain interference signals during online and offline detection of pipes and has a relatively high sensitivity to detect defects on the inner and outer walls of pipes. Additionally, the technology can be used for mechanical component sorting, carburization depth and heat treatment assessment, and more.

Eddy current inspection can ensure flight safety, making it widely used in the aviation industry.

2. Eddy current inspection technology is usually applied in detecting cracks in airplane engine blades, bolts, bolt holes, and the surface and subsurface defects of multi-layer airplane structures and landing gears. It can also be used to detect defects in welds connecting the wing of an airplane, among other areas. Eddy current inspection can effectively suppress interference signals caused by probe shaking and material non-uniformity.

3. Eddy current inspection technology is also widely used in the fields of power stations and petrochemicals to detect colored and copper pipes, titanium pipes, stainless steel pipes, and more. With eddy current inspection, corrosion, wall thickness, and wear of pipes can be effectively detected while eliminating interference signals.

Besides, eddy current inspection is used to detect components such as the central hole of the steam turbine main shaft, engine blades, pumping unit mandrels, bolts, etc.

4. Eddy current inspection technology is also highly applicable in nuclear energy, military industry, etc. and is used to detect barrels of military weapons, missile launchers, shells, fighter jet engine blades, wings, landing gears, and more.

BKN has formed a social research cooperation network with well-known universities and research institutions in China, providing it with strong R&D and production capabilities to ensure its leadership position in industrial non-destructive testing technology and world-class technology.

Adhering to the principles of specialization, refinement, and strength, BKN focuses on online and offline automatic flaw detection in stainless steel pipes and has achieved remarkable results, becoming an industry leader. The eddy current sorting machine is the company's flagship product and is suitable for rapid sorting of bearing cracks, mixed materials, hardness deviations, burn marks, and more. The entire system consists of four parts: detection equipment, detection probe, mechanical and electrical parts, effectively achieving automatic defect detection, automatic sorting, and automatic alarm.

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